PHP Programming Code – Chapter 1 | Learn PHP Programming


Hello Guys! After Long Time Again Start With Some Best Of My Skills & My Knowledge. Actually I Am Work Out On This Things & Tried Out To Make Easy For New Programmers And For Who’s They Want To Become Real Programmers.

So Let It Start With PHP Programming Code  With Chapter 1. I Didn’t Read The Book Here It’s Just Title.. I Found Out Some Easy Way That I Am Thinking And Share With You also Share Video On Next Post. So We Start Here.

For Every Programmer Must Know Basic Thing About PHP Is Hypertext Processing Means What Ever Text Code Will Be Written In Hyper Symbol (<?  ?>) It Will Be Processed Whether It’s Wrong Or Right.

Simple As Below Example:


echo “This Is Right That Give Result”;    //Right Text Code

This Will Be Not Processed.  //  Wrong Text Code


Now Above  Code When Run PHP Is Processed Because Of This Hyper Syntax (<?   ?>). But Have Output With Right And Wrong Both. Wrong Given a Error And Right Display Output.

So Every One Should Try It. And You Get One Thing Is That You Try Any Code Between Hyper If It’s Wrong Don’t Worry It’s Processed And Give Error And You Again Do code On That. So You Have Better Way To Learn PHP Without Any Confusion.


PHP Also Have Their Function, Methods And Key pharse Like Any Other Programming Languages.

Like Echo Is Used To Print Any Thing. Also Have println For Display. Simple Different Between Both Function Is That After Echo Print Any Other Thing Will Continue On Same Line And In println It Goes to Be New Line.

Now A Days PHP Have Many Frameworks Like Zend, YII,Laravel,CakePHP,Code Igniter,Symfony,etc..

Also Have CMS Technology Based On PHP Like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Typo3, Prestashop, Etc..

PHP Is Most Popular Language Used In Every Development Areas Reason Behind Is That Nature Of PHP Programming To Familiar With HTML, Javascript Programming.

This Is Basic Information We Shared Here Regarding PHP. Next Post Come With Chapter 2 Where We Learn Basic PHP Development With Programming Examples And Information Regarding Various Keywords And Functions.


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